Serena Williams Bra Size

And now we present to you yet another little fin fact about Serena Williams, which has been debated across internet forums for the better part of her Serena's career, and that would be her bra size.

With Tennis players required to wear very tight uniforms, its hard not to notice the well compensated curves of these professional athletes.

The bra size which seems to be most reasonable is 36DD, however some believe that she is a 38.

Serena Williams Birthday

I wanna take a few moments and remind everyone about the upcoming birthday Serena Williams, which is on September 26.

Like always, she had another great year! Best wishes and blessing to you and your family, Serena!

Happy birthday!

Serena Williams Shoe Size

Its no secret that Serena Williams is a bigger girl with above average features such as feet and hand size, but do you really know how big her feet are?

Well Serena Williams' shoe size is listed at 10.

Big and beautiful!

Serena Williams Net Worth

Recently i discovered the net worth of Serena Williams, and i must admit i was pretty surprised at how much money she is worth.

Serena Williams is said to have a net worth of $85 million big ones!

I didn't realize exactly how much money tennis players make, but than again, i bet she pulls in quite a lot money from sponsors and what not.

Serena Williams Heart Neck Tattoo

Aw how cute is Serena Williams' little heart tattoo on the back of her neck?

A very simple outline of a heart tattoo design, which is very innocent and quite appealing to boot.

I heard Serena Williams also has a tattoo on her back somewhere, but i couldn't find a picture...Can anyone confirm if this is true or not, and possibly provide a picture?